NetSuite Usergroup is Moving to Oracle Communities!

Dear Members,

Starting April 12, 2019 the NetSuite User group will use the Oracle SSO login mechanism on Oracle Technology Network (OTN) at During this transition, please be aware of the following key information:

1. This site will be in view only mode until the migration is complete. Any Oracle SSO users that already have access to this NetSuite Community (Users/OpenAir) during the migration will automatically be given access to those communities in Oracle with their SSO login once all content has been migrated.

2. Existing members without an existing Oracle SSO login will have one created for you and you will receive an e-mail message asking you to set a password for your SSO login. You will need an SSO login to sign in to the Oracle NetSuite User group once the migration is complete. Oracle will send you an email with your account details between 4/22 - 4/24.

Important: New SSO logins for the Oracle NetSuite User Group will not have their passwords migrated to your Oracle SSO login.

3. You need to initiate the password for this newly created SSO login before you can log into the new NetSuite User group by following the link in that e-mail message.

4. Please review your account information to ensure that it is complete and correct.

5. Once you have initiated your SSO login and password, you will be able to log into the new NetSuite User group using the new SSO login credentials. You will be required to accept the Oracle Terms of Use for SSO login during activation.

After this one time set up process, you will be able to login by clicking the "Sign in" button found on OTN. If you have an existing Oracle SSO login using another e-mail address and prefer to use that for your NetSuite User Group account, please contact with that information immediately. For additional questions or concerns, please contact us at:

Thank you,
Oracle+NetSuite Community Team

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